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I have had a passion for sewing and fiber art since I was a little girl. First learning how to knit, crochet, and sew clothing from my mother and grandmother. This shouldn’t be a surprise for someone who grew up with the initials S. E. W., and keeping my initials was so much apart of my identity that I added my maiden name as a middle name when I married.

SEWS stands for Shannon Elizabeth Walters Schanus, and SEWSart is my work as a ceramic and fiber artist. I incorporate my love of sewing in my ceramic art in various ways.

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This is a link to another main page created for a Web Development class. I have decided, in addition to my art, to be a student again and pursue a new career. Web design/development is linked closely to what I have studied in my previous degree, but it is not my main focus for this career change. I am also learning many other programming languages.

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SEWSart started out on Facebook, and continues to take advantage of the social networking offered. This is my personal page, and it is not overseen by any fans or other admins. When you see posts, they are guaranteed to be from me directly.

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