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The Green Planet

Planet Hope

A mysterious new planet has been discovered! We now have reports back from the initial expedition of brave astronauts, and new plans to colonize the planet have begun. It is not so surprising to find out this planet is rich in resources when nearly the entire orb casts a distinct green glow when viewed through a telescope. Let's join the explorers and find out more about Planet Hope!


Dense Foliage

When the crew landed, if you could call it a landing, they were almost literally caught up in all the wild foliage covering the surface. When their equipment confirmed an oxygen rich atmosphere similar to Earth's, a group of 3 struck out to explore the immediate area surrounding their shuttle. Surprised to find plants so similar to that on earth, they set to taking samples to evaluate on board. Soon they found not only was there vegetation, but precious minerals were found to be plentiful just beneath the surface.

Of course removing the plant life from a large area at a time would be required to be able to access the minerals in any meaningful amount. This made many scientist nervous about reporting their findings, especially when they came across the locals.


Forest Dwellers

The planet seems to already be inhabited by a society focused on cohabitation with the forest. Their complexion is very light because the foliage is so dense, the sunlight is unable to penetrate down to where they make their dwellings. They speak a strange dialect of clicking and chirping that we have yet to decipher, but they seem to be interested in showing us the proper way to care for the living greenery through their gestures and facial expressions when they caught the scientists collecting samples.

Their biology is so very similar to our own that many theorists propose the ancient civilizations of Earth were used to populate this planet by those aliens who purportedly assisted in building the pyramids and other ancient ruins of old. This of course has no basis in reality, but the scientists will continue to study them.


Because of the limits on transporting goods to Earth, and the likelihood of disrupting the locals, the government at this time has no comment on any plans to start harvesting the resources or colonizing Planet Hope. In the event we do take further steps to benefit from this discovery, rest assured we will do so peacefully.

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