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My Chronology

Shannon Schanus

Significant Events
Age Event
July 28, 1986 Birth
6 Months First Set of Ear Tubes
3 Years Third Mastoidectomy Surgery
5 Years Parents Divorce; Front Tooth Knocked Out; & Even Mother Lost Count of Ear Tube Surgeries
10 Years Broke Left Ankle with Electrocution; Tonsils Removed; Tympanoplasty Surgery on Both Ears (to repair holes from tubes)
11 Years Permanent Tube Inserted Through Bone of Right Ear Instead of Ear Drum
12 Mother Remarried; Moved to Ankeny Acreage; Long-time Childhood Dog, Mitzy, Dies; Received Standardbred/Quarterhorse Mix, 14.2 Hands High, Chestnut Colored Horse, Named Him Jinalelealia
13 Years (1999)
16 Years Horse Killed By Lightning
18 Years (2004) Graduated Ankeny Highschool With Honors; Began Studying at Iowa State University
20 Years Studied Abroad in Italy for 2 Months
22 Years (2008) Graduated Iowa State University With Bachelors of Fine Arts
23 Years (2010) Married Louis Schanus, Long-Time Friend from Highschool; Changed Name to Include Maiden Name as an Additional Middle Name to Keep Initials SEW
24 Years (2013) Bought Our First House in Ankeny