WDV341 Intro PHP

Introduction to PHP - Homework

Complete the following exercises. When finished upload to your server. Update your links on your WDV341 Homework page to include this assignment.

Zip your work and attach it to your Blackboard assignment and submit it to Blackboard.

1. Use this page as the source and conver it so that it will process your PHP code on the server.

2. Use PHP to fill in the following information.

Course Name: WDV341 Intro to PHP

First Name: Shannon

Last Name: Schanus

My homework is located at: Note: This should be a hyperlink to your WDV341 Homework page


3. Create an ordered list using PHP. Place it in the area below. It should describe the sequence of steps that the server and PHP processor performs when you request this page until you see the results. The more detailed the better!

  1. Client clicks a button in browser, creating the request object.
  2. Request object is sent to server with something like a get or post action.
  3. Server receives request and processes any server side scripting language with a PHP processor.
  4. PHP Processor ignores non-php content, and adds the results of processing php code as HTML, CSS, or Javascript.
  5. Response object which only contains HTML/CSS/JavaScript is sent back to the Client.
  6. Page is rendered on the client's browser.



Each exercise is graded seperately and totaled for the Project grade. Each exercise will be graded using the following scale. Exercises 2 and 3 are worth 10 points each.

Grade Expectation
5 Works as expected. Correctly uses concepts presented in class. Documented as needed and well formatted.
4 Works as expected. Uses some of the concepts presented in class. Lacks documentation if needed or poorly formatted/structured.
2 Produces results but not as expected OR Exercise is attempted but produces an error.
0 Does not produce any results. Fails to use any concepts presented in class or not attempted.